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Join us in finding intelligent connection with your body and discovering the intricacies of movement

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Tell us about yourself, any limitations or injuries you have, and what you're looking to achieve.

We will reach out to schedule a call and discuss your goals and appropriate starting points.


for beginners:

Sign up for the Yoga or Pilates Beginner classes or contact us about private sessions with our trainers.

for experienced movers:

Sign up for any class that looks interesting to you or contact us about booking a private session!

pilates offerings


All Levels

basic pilates equipment

reformer combo


intermediate pilates equipment

Intermediate to Advanced


private pilates session 

All Levels

duet pilates session 

All Levels

Men and women benefit
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Men and women of all ages benefit from the knowledge and experience we offer, and there is a positive and non-competitive atmosphere for serious learning and serious fun. We have teachers with the qualifications to work with physical limitations, as well as being able to challenge the elite athlete. The aim of our classes is to unearth a sense of confidence, steadiness, self-control.

Zoom instructions

  1. A computer or smartphone with Internet connection

  2. A free Zoom account

  3. A yoga mat (some classes use props or a Swiss ball, but many props can be substituted with things like a book and tie instead of a yoga block and belt)

take a class with us from


you only need 3 things:

pilates or yoga . . .

photo of woman posing during golden hour

Yoga started as meditation and breathing practice. Influenced by Swedish gymnastics, the postures were woven into an eight limb path to living a meaningful and purposeful life. The postures focus on opening the body and balancing strength and stability. Focus, calm, and the practicing of non-violence to the body are some of its benefits. 

Joseph Pilates invented another mind-body practice at the turn of the 20th century which he called "Contrology". It brought together elements of yoga, gymnastics and contortion as a way to learn mastery over the body and bring health and vitality to every person. Pilates also invented equipment which offers support for learning to connect the body as a whole.


Each system complements the strengths of the other.

Ready to begin your practice and find what is right for you?

what is the difference?

yoga offerings


beginner yoga


flow yoga

Beginner to

vinyasa flow yoga

Intermediate to Advanced

slow flow yoga

All Levels

restorative yoga

All Levels

alignment based yoga

All Levels

gentle yoga

All Levels


All classes and private/duet sessions are reserved online and can be paid for with a card. Please note, we will not process payment until after the class session. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. 

**Prices vary based on class type and instructor

pilates group classes


Single Class

Monthly Class Pass

(choose four or five sessions)

10-Class Pass

$25 - 35

$100- 150

$200 - 300

privates              duets

(per person)


Single Class

5-Class Pass

10-Class Pass

$55 - 65

$250 - 300

$500 - 600

$75 - 95

$350 - 450

$700 - 900


Single Class

10-Class Pass

Yoga w/Nanci                        $20/$180




Testimony 2

~ Katy R.

. . . after just a few Pilates classes, I noticed a difference in the way I hold myself . . .

My neck pain is mostly gone, and I feel stronger. Classes have taught me to be aware of my body, and this new bodily awareness has really helped me in my day to day well being. I love coming to The Movery because of the feeling of community, because of the kindness and professional experience of the teachers, because of the quality of classes offered, and because of the excellent location and facilities. Not only do I feel better and stronger, I also have a new community focused on health and fitness.



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