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We have implemented several safety procedures to help keep us all safe.


In the Pilates studio we have spread out the equipment in order to keep a 6 foot distance between students.  Our instructors sanitize all of the frequently used surfaces prior to each class. Masks are required in the building but we are not requiring the use of masks once you are on your equipment– but you are free to wear one if you would like to. 

On the yoga side we have pulled the mats and cloth props from the studio as we cannot sanitize these frequently enough for regular use.  Blocks will continue to be available.  We have arranged the room so that students can set their mats up at least six feet away from one another.  As long as distance is maintained masks are not required during the class. There will be limited space in classes until COVID is no longer deemed a threat. 

We are using separate entrances for yoga, barre and Pilates mat students.


The main door of the studio (the one with the logo on the front) will be reserved for Pilates equipment students only. For yoga students, signs will be posted throughout the building which will lead to the rear entrance of the studio (inside the back stairwell).   The stairwell doors closest to the rear parking lot will be propped open for access to the second floor if you prefer not to use the elevator.

Finally, we humbly ask you to join us virtually in a Zoom class if you are feeling unwell or having allergy symptoms, and please wash your hands before entering.

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